Pazartesi, Mart 8, 2021
Ana Sayfa Public Order Our Syrian Brothers Began Returning To Their Homes Voluntarily

Our Syrian Brothers Began Returning To Their Homes Voluntarily

In order for the facilitation of the Safe Zone, the cleansing of Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ayn of terrorists as part of Operation Peace Spring has paved the way for people to return to their homes. Approximately 1.5 million of our Kurdish brethren were forced to flee after being unable to stand the oppression by PKK/YPG after the terror group invaded the region east of the Euphrates. Approximately 400,000 Syrian Kurdish brothers also sought refuge in Turkey. The success of Operation Peace Spring, the resulting removal of PKK/YPG terrorists from the region and momentum being gained in fundamental infrastructure work has opened the way for our Syrian brothers to return.

Approximately 200 of our Syrian brothers who fled the PKK/YPG terror group by seeking refuge in Jarabulus (which is in the Op Peace Spring Area) have voluntarily returned to their homes and lands in a secure and safe manner.

With the facilitation of peace and security in the Operation Peace Spring area, it is expected for people to continue returning their homes. In this respect, 70 more families comprising of 295 people have begun making their way from Jarabulus to their homes in Tel Abyad.



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