Çarşamba, Mart 3, 2021
Ana Sayfa Public Order Mine / IED Protection Training for Children in the Peace Spring Area

Mine / IED Protection Training for Children in the Peace Spring Area

Innocent children often are the victims of mines and IEDs heinously set up all over the place by PKK/YPG terrorists in the Peace Spring area like this brother and his sister who were injured while playing in the courtyard of their home in Tal Abyad some time ago.

Last week, an 8-year-old boy named Laith Hatim Saleh was wounded due to the mines set up by the terrorist organization in the Ayn Arus region of Tal Abyad and was treated at Akçakale State Hospital in Turkey.

In order to prevent recurrence of similar incidents, Turkish military personnel as well as teachers from neighboring Sanliurfa province started on February 5th a training programme for students and teachers at schools in the Peace Spring area teaching them the ways and means of protection from mines and IEDs.

The training provided aims to protect the people in the region and especially children from any mines/IEDs set up by terrorists in towns and in the countryside by teaching them not to touch or move these devices when they spot them but rather inform immediately the military units.

Up to now a total of 1720 IEDs and 903 mines – set up in public areas such as schools, hospitals, bridges and parks by the PKK/YPG – were identified and destroyed by our soldiers who continue the clearing activities of the region from mines and IEDs.



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